Winds of Winter progress: George RR Martin shares cryptic Winter is Coming image and more | Books | Entertainment

Martin added: “Some days I do not know whether to laugh or cry, to shoot off fireworks and dance in the streets or crawl back into bed and pull the covers over my head.   “The good stuff that has been happening to me has been very very very good, the kind of thing that will make a year, or a career. “But the bad stuff that is happening has More...

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The Light Of Days unearths the story of the unsung heroines of Hitler’s Warsaw Ghetto | Books | Entertainment

Nazi Black Book described as ‘extraordinary’ by expert As a mainstay of the ZOB (Jewish Fighting Organisation), Zivia was one of the leading female resistance fighters who, incredibly, managed More...

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John Steed: The hostage hunter who freed 191 captives | Books | Entertainment

John Steed back home in Cornwall near the Helford River earlier this month (Image: Matt Keeble) Decades later, after a career in the British Army, the Sandhurst-trained former Colonel in the Royal Corps of More...

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Star Wars writer gives final word on The High Republic’s canon and details its future | Books | Entertainment

And with good reason. Light of the Jedi, which came out on January 5 of this year, was the first step in Disney’s next great Star Wars story. Before Disney bought Lucasfilm and its Star Wars canon, the Extended More...

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Outlander book 9 release date ANNOUNCED: Diana Gabaldon novel to hit shelves this year | Books | Entertainment

A lot has happened in the Outlander fandom since the last book in the series was released. Book eight in the Diana Gabaldon story, Written In My Own Heart’s Blood, quickly followed the release of the first More...

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Wilbur Smith: Why am I still writing at 88? To find out what happens next! | Books | Entertainment

Wilbur Smith has spoken frankly about his battle to get published (Image: NC) If they are sometimes derided as “airport thrillers” by literary critics, I doubt he cares. Together, they have sold More...

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Falcon and the Winter Soldier: That Marvel Comics cameo and end credits scene explained | Books | Entertainment

Black Widow was originally supposed to debut the MCU’s Phase 4 almost a year ago before the pandemic kept pushing it back all the way to July 2021. It’s still not clear whether she will feature in the prequel, More...

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JK Rowling The Christmas Pig: All about Harry Potter writer’s new children’s novel | Books | Entertainment

J.K. Rowling released the first Harry Potter novel in 1997, having completed the first manuscript a couple of years before. Before long, Joanne had released seven books, and the film series was hot on the heels More...

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Dan Dare comic: How a fifties vicar came to land the Eagle | Books | Entertainment

Hero Dan Dare was a knight of the skies operating in outer space (Image: Getty) First published on April 14, 1950, the Eagle was conceived as a British response to the science-fiction themed comics from the More...

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JK Rowling children: Does J.K. Rowling have children?

JK ROWLING is known for her work in children’s books, specifically the Harry Potter series – but does she have children of her own? Source link  More...