Published On: Tue, Jan 26th, 2021

Princess Anne’s ‘riotous’ body language shows she is ‘fun’ grandmother to Zara’s children

Judi claimed Anne becomes “one of the pack” when she spends time with Lena and Mia and is likely to be the same when Zara’s new baby arrives.

Judi said: “Pointing at, gurning to or running alongside Mia and Lena, Anne looks more like one of the pack in most of these shots and with a new baby on the way she will have an even bigger gang of playmates to spend time with.”

According to Judi, Anne seems to enjoy the chance to take a break from adult life and become immersed in her grandchildren’s worlds instead.

The expert said: “Most family groups divide a bit into chatting adults versus playful kids but Anne seems to enjoy breaking away from the adult group to communicate with her grandchildren using verbal and non-verbal cues, like face-pulling and touch.”

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