Published On: Thu, Oct 29th, 2020

Scorpio celebrities: Which famous people are Scorpios?

Scorpios are known for being secretive but sexy. This sign is very emotional, loyal, and genuine. Sometimes Scorpios come across as closed off and snobby, but reality they just don’t open up to people unless they trust them. They can also be quite jealous and possessive, but this comes from how passionate they are in their relationships. Which famous people are Scorpios?

Scorpions are thought of as dangerous creatures, but in reality only 20 types of Scorpio out of the 1300 types are actually a threat to humans.

Like Scorpions, Scorpio people will sting you if they feel threatened.

They are very strong and have great will power, like Scorpions who can go months without eating.

Scorpio people are passionate and intense, but they are distrusting of others and can be uncompromising.

If you cross a Scorpio, it will take them a lot to forgive you.

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