Published On: Mon, Jan 11th, 2021

Sophie, Countess of Wessex’s ‘practical’ body language is similar to the Queen’s

married in 1999 after tying the knot in Windsor Castle. The couple now have two children together, Lady Louise Windsor and James, Viscount Severn, whose lives are kept quite privately. What is Sophie’s like?

The body language expert explained: “As a low-key, working royal Sophie’s body language always suggested quiet and rather practical confidence but now that she has been upgraded to a much more high-vis, top-tier role in the firm, how have her confidence signals held up with the spotlight pointed firmly on her?

“Sophie’s brand of royalty places her in a strong ‘hub’ position in the line-up.

“Lacking the celebrity stardust of royals like Diana, Kate and Meghan or the slightly eccentric appeal of Fergie, Sophie’s more practical-looking poses, posture and walk borrow more from the Queen and Princess Anne.”

Analysing a recent photo of Sophie when she visited the Shooting Star Children’s Hospices chart shop in Hampton, Judi explained that she’s “bemused” from all the attention.


The expert added: “Her facial expressions as she greets the camera with her eyes suggest she’s still slightly bemused to be attracting so much interest but her more down-to-earth demeanor tends to reassure us that it’s not going to go to her head any day now.”

Judi also shared how Sophie’s signals are also similar to Princess Anne’s daughter, Zara.

She said: “Sophie also looks energetic and slightly sporty and the wide, optimistic-looking grin that she flashes occasionally looks similar to the signature smile of Anne’s daughter Zara.

“Sophie bridges the royal generations in a way that late-comer Camilla will never do and although there is something William Cambridge-style modern in some of her informal, hands-on video appearances baking scones or picking up rubbish from the beach, she still looks like the keeper of the flame in terms of royal protocols.

“Walking towards the cameras she holds her arms out slightly away from her torso in a ‘pit-bare’ gesture that suggests raised confidence and determination.”

However, some of her signals could show a relaxed form of confidence, showing she is well used to her role within the Royal Family.

“A subtle hint of a lack of confidence is always an arm-clamp gesture where the upper arms are held close to the ribs but Sophie’s ‘upturned V’ gap shows a relaxed form of confidence and experience,” Judi added.

Sophie’s body language signals can also be compared to other royals too.

Judi went on: “Sophie still retains some of her more self-effacing signals in the form of some eye-glances to the camera or some grins that suggest shared humour rather than the normal pitch-perfect royal smile.

“It’s interesting that this tie-sign behaviour, where she seems to be sharing a joke with the cameras, is one of the traits that made Diana so popular.

“In perhaps her most ‘royal’ outfit to date, in a pale stone coat and with that large and very attention-demanding plum coloured hat, Sophie still looked keen to dispel any suggestion of unapproachable formality by sticking with her rather determined walk and her contagious and more down-to-earth smile.”

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