Published On: Thu, Jul 22nd, 2021

Avengers 5: Henry Cavill ‘a shoo-in’ to appear in next Marvel team-up movie | Films | Entertainment

Earlier this month rumours hit that Cavill had been in talks with Marvel to join their cinematic universe. The British actor would be joining the MCU while it is going through a huge change following Avengers Endgame, the conclusion to Marvel’s Phase 3.

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Cavill could certainly be signing up to play a brand new hero. The Superman actor has made name for himself playing a paragon in the DC Comics cinematic universe (DCEU).

The star would be right at home claiming the role of someone like Cyclops, Wolverine, or even Mr Fantastic – especially after Iron Man and Captain America‘s stories were brought to an end in the previous team-up film.

On the other hand, Cavill could be playing an evildoer. Considering the star has played such a good guy for so long, would he prefer to become a villain in Marvel’s next adventure?

Either way, Ladbrokes have given Cavill incredible odds on starring in Avengers 5 in one way or another.

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The betting company have given Cavill 1/2 odds on claiming a role in Avengers 5.

Ladbrokes’ Alex Apati said: “Henry Cavill’s reportedly held talks with Marvel chiefs and the odds suggest he’s a shoo-in to appear in Avengers 5 as a result.”

The star was reported to have had a meeting with Marvel executives in “the past few weeks”, however, the nature of their discussion was not detailed.

Whether he signs up as a hero or a villain, fans of the franchise will no doubt love seeing the heartthrob don a cape once again.

Wolverine, who was famously played by Hugh Jackman for over a decade, could be a good pick for Cavill.

The musclebound star could hold his own as one of the most vicious X-Men stars around, however, he could also take on a more subdued role.

Dr Doom is one of the most villainous characters around and is certainly more of a thoughtful bad guy than many others.

Cavill’s involvement could instead mark him as the perfect choice for Dr Doom – but would he be able to stay behind the character’s metal mask for multiple films?

In the meantime, the next large-scale Marvel films are Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness and Spider-Man: No Way Home.

Both of these entries will delve into the fantastical realms of the multiverse, introduced a collection of new characters along the way.

Could Cavill be lining up to become one of them?

The Marvel films are available on Disney Plus now.

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