Published On: Tue, Jun 29th, 2021

Queen’s body language ‘warm’ in what could have been ‘very tense meeting’ with Ms Sturgeon

The Queen held an audience with Ms Sturgeon on the second day of the traditional Royal Week. The monarch was all smiles as she sat comfortably and chatted with the First Minister.

The Queen, dressed in a light turquoise dress, waved her arms and smiled as she spoke to Ms Sturgeon.

While the topics discussed at today’s meeting will remain confidential, it is thought Her Majesty touched upon the SNP’s push for a second Independence Referendum.

However, the monarch appeared relaxed, “displaying warmth and animated conversation” while Nicola Sturgeon seemed very “tense”, body language expert Judi James suggested.

Speaking to, she explained the Queen looked friendly despite “Sturgeon’s less than warm welcoming message to William and Kate.”

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The Queen took a warm approach to what could have been a very tense meeting.

Judi said: “Although the Queen is politically impartial this meeting between her and Nicola Sturgeon could have been tense after Sturgeon’s less than warm welcoming message to William and Kate when they put in a trip up North.

“Sturgeon is not shy when it comes to letting her feelings be known during meet and greet press poses, as the very brusque way she shooed Boris past the cameras and into her premises.

“No real smile of greeting or warmth once showed.”


However, the monarch’s personality is impossible to resist, the expert explained.

“The Queen is an accomplished changer of moods though and these poses show her displaying the kind of warmth and animated conversation that you’d need a heart of pure granite to resist.”

The body expert suggested the Queen wanted Ms Sturgeon to feel comfortable and relaxed during their audience.

“Her gesticulation as they sit talking, with her upper arms close to her torso and her lower arms thrown up and out, suggest a lively conversation with a desire to make Sturgeon relax and smile,” she explained.

Judi continued: “Sturgeon’s pose looks rigid and rather tense in some of these poses but at one point we can see the two women sitting in near-identical poses, with the mirroring implying a like-minded approach.”

“Sturgeon’s greeting looks friendly too, throwing her arms out as she approaches the Queen.”

Judi explained that perhaps in order to make Sturgeon feel more comfortable, “the Queen made the setting look a little less formal and dour by placing her coat on her chair and her handbag on the floor.”

The Queen has remained strictly neutral throughout her 69-year-long reign when it comes to politics.

Her Majesty is currently leading a royal charm offensive in Scotland, joined by Prince William, Prince Edward, Sophie Wessex and Princess Anne.

Yesterday, the monarch and Prince William marked the beginning of the Royal Week in Scotland, with a visit to the fizzy drink Irn-Bru factory.

Prince William is expected to return to London soon to attend the ceremony of the statue of Princess Diana on July 1.

The Queen will then be joined in Edinburgh by her daughter Princess Anne.

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