Published On: Thu, Apr 22nd, 2021

The time Tesco, Morrisons, Asda, Sainsbury’s and more display reduced yellow sticker food

Jordon Cox has revealed how to make sure you find a “yellow sticker” bargain every time you shop and he claims shoppers could save thousands of pounds a year by shopping this way. He said: “Finding yellow stickers in the supermarket is one really useful way to save the pennies and can save you a lot of money.

I’ve managed to save money over the years just by being a bit more savvy with my food shop.

“Some people have saved hundreds, even thousands of pounds a year just by picking up yellow stickered items at the end of the day. But, they can be hard to find so here are some of my top tips to save money with yellow stickers.”

Here are all of the times supermarkets release their yellow sticker items:

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Asda- 7-8pm

Co-op- 50 percent off during the day, 75 percent after 8pm

M&S- one hour before closing

Morrisons- 7-8pm (varies per store)

Sainsbury’s- 8pm (varies per store)

Tesco- 7-8pm

Aldi- around 7.30pm

According to Mr Cox, bakeries can also be bargain goldmines. He said: “Do make sure you head over to the bakery section. Fresh bread, cookies, cake are all on offer if they are soon to expire – so it is a good way to get a sweet treat for a discount.

“Quite often you can get whole loaves of bread for dirt cheap that can be frozen.”

He also recommended looking for damaged goods to save some extra pounds. He said: “In some supermarkets, you can find these shelves of items that are damaged and cannot be sold for full price. Some items have a drink missing or two less eggs, so sell the rest to you for a discount.

“These can be great, as the item that’s left is usually fine, and sometimes food items are discounted just for having a battered box.”

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